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Fire Hydrants

We generally stock the two most common hydrants (below). We can also source ground ball type hydrants if necessary.

L-type hydrant

64mm 5V thread

Product code: 57202012

Millcock hydrant

64mm 5V thread

Product code: 57202026

Hydrant Spare Parts

We have a wide range of spare parts to suit different hydrants. Below are the most common hydrant items that we sell. If there is something that you need and it isn’t listed below, contact us as there is a good chance that we have it or can get it for you.

L-type cover

Product code: 57202017

L-type washer

Product code: 57202050

Millcock top washer

Product code: 57202046

Millcock plunger washer

Product code: 57202040

Millcock handle

Product code: 57202030

64mm blank cap € brass

Product code: 42050408

64mm blank cap € brass

Product code: 42050408

Hydrant Hose (lay flat) € Heavy Duty

We have a large range of lay flat hose available that is suitable for heavy duty commercial use. Sizes include 25mm, 38mm and 64mm and in both canvas and extruded rubber hoses. Additionally we have a range of different couplings and adaptors to suit a wide range of applications.
Contact us to discuss your needs or for more information.

If you want information on hose to suit residential applications, click here.