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Fire protection measures in accommodation buildings

Why do I need to maintain my fire protection equipment?
It is important that any installed fire protection equipment is maintained for a number of reasons:
1. So that the equipment performs as it is designed to in the event of a fire.
2 The Building Regulations 2004 requires that all prescribed essential health and safety features and measures are identified and maintained. Fire protection equipment falls into this category.
3. The General Fire Regulations 2000 requires that any installed equipment is maintained to a certain standard. In the case of portable fire equipment, AS1851 is used for this purpose.
4. Your insurance company will most likely require compliance with the above. It might be worth checking your insurance policy for the exact details of your responsibility in this area.

For more information, visit the Tasmania Fire Service website at

Why are smoke alarms important?
The main purpose of smoke alarms is to alert the occupants of a building that there is smoke/fire in the building so that they can escape.
For smaller accommodation places, it is recommended that the Australasian Fire Authorities Council (AFAC) position on smoke alarms in residential accommodation be adopted. The Tasmania Fire Service and all other Australian fire services have adopted and recommend this position.
In a nutshell, this position recommends that smoke alarms be fitted in all sleeping areas and paths to exits. It also recommends the type, location and power supply for smoke alarms. For more information on these recommendations, read this brochure , or give us a call and we can mail out the information.
TFE is pleased to announce that it now stocks a new 9 volt photo-electric smoke alarm that is fitted with a 10 year lithium battery. These do not require any wiring and have the benefit of not having to change the battery each year. For these and a full range of smoke alarms, give your nearest TFE office a call.

Why choose TasFire Equipment (TFE) to maintain, install or purchase fire protection equipment?
1. TFE specialises in portable fire-fighting equipment, has been operating for over 40 years and has the most experience in the portable fire protection industry in Tasmania.
2. TFE has offices in Hobart, Launceston, Devonport and Burnie and employs 20 full time Fire Equipment Officers. We offer a state-wide service and maintain equipment in basically every town in Tasmania including the Bass Strait islands. It doesn’t matter where your premise is in Tasmania, there’s a good chance that we are regularly in your neighbourhood!
3. TFE is committed to selling quality products at affordable prices. We carefully handpick and test the equipment that we sell to ensure it meets our high expectations.

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