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Downpipe Valves

Fitting downpipe valves to your downpipes is an option worth considering if you live in a bushfire prone area. By having a block-off valve fitted to each downpipe, you can quickly and safely keep water in your roof gutters without having to climb a ladder to access the roof. These valves are especially useful for two storey houses were access to the roof/gutters is difficult and potentially dangerous.
Did you know that one of the most common injuries sustained by people in bushfires is caused by people accessing or standing on their roof?

We have two types of valves available for blocking-off downpipes:

Sliding Gate Valve Downpipe Valve

This device is a simple and effective valve which can be fitted to your downpipes. It has a sliding gate valve which completely closes off the downpipe, allowing water to back-up above the valve and into the roof gutter.
Once the valve is closed, water can be sprayed onto the roof with a hose to fill the gutters from the ground level.

Fire Plug Downpipe Block-off System

This innovative device is another effective way of safely blocking-off your downpipes and gutters. Once installed in a downpipe, a plug which is included in the kit is simply fitted to its seat to block-off the downpipe. The red threaded cap is then installed which allows connection of you garden hose.
Once connected the red valve is simply opened and water is fed into the downpipe and up to the gutter. When the desired amount of water is delivered, the valve is closed and the hose can be disconnected and used for other purposes.