Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Tasmania’s leading sales, maintenance and repair of portable fire protection equipment.

Fire Protection Association Australia (FPAA)

The Tasmania Fire Service (TFS) is an FPAA member
and therefore receive the many benefits of the membership,
including staying abreast of all of the latest trends and issues
within the industry and regular attendance at the annual
Fire Australia Conference.


All TasFire Equipment Fire Equipment Officers complete a
full Certificate III qualification in Fire Protection Equipment
Inspection and Testing (or equivalent). This qualification
contains competencies covering the technical, customer
service and Workplace Health and Safety aspect of our industry.


All of our Fire Equipment Officers and Regional Supervisors hold
a permit to inspect, maintain and install fire protection equipment
as issued by the TFS. It is a requirement that any person wishing to
inspect, maintain or install fire protection equipment in non-residential
buildings within Tasmania hold a permit in accordance with the
General Fire Regulations 2010.


Equipment Selection Process

TasFire Equipment rigorously assesses the equipment that
we sell. As an arm of the Tasmania Fire Service, TasFire Equipment
is committed to providing only quality products at competitive
prices. A panel of TasFire Equipment staff select the individual
items that we will sell on a quality vs value basis.

Workplace Health and Safety (WH&S)

TasFire Equipment operate under the WH&S policies of the
(TFS) and the broader Department of Police, Fire and Emergency
management (DPFEM). All staff receive WH&S training, follow
established hazard and incident reporting processes and work
under Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for all work conducted.


The Tasmania Fire Service holds adequate insurance policies covering
Public and Products Liability, Motor Vehicle and Workers Compensation.


TasFire Equipment is committed to minimising the impact on the
environment. Fire extinguisher recycling programs are in place to
recycle all the components and fire-fighting chemicals in accordance
with environmental requirements. TasFire Equipment is also a
collection point for BCF (Halon) type extinguishers which are returned
to the National Halon Bank for appropriate storage.